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  • Eliminate the uncertainty from strategy and product choices by automating data.

Discover how we leverage industry research and years of experience to tackle your most pressing challenges.


Our History

AVO Engineering, a media company, was founded in 2015 by Andrew Delaney and Ahmed Sheikh, a renowned industry figure. Their shared interest in the electrical industry and the power of strong communities served as the foundation for AVO Engineering’s core values. Based in Dallas, Texas, AVO Engineering has expanded its reach to North America, Europe (mainly in the UK), Asia, and other regions.


what we do?

AVO Engineering provides product design services, research, and well-researched technical content to leading technology brands and the defense & aerospace sector. Our team of skilled engineers and researchers is equipped to tackle even the most intricate technical challenges. We are eager to collaborate with you.


At AVO Engineering, we have created a vast network of media brands catering to the engineering industry, which is utilized by over 2.5 million people every month. Our goal is to provide a platform for individuals in the industry to acquire new skills, establish meaningful connections with others in the field, and contribute to developing the systems and devices that profoundly impact our world.


Industry Research

The key to success lies in utilizing strategies backed by research. For years, our insights have played a significant role in shaping the industry’s understanding of a constantly evolving customer base. Whether you aim to target students, hobbyists, or professionals, we thoroughly understand what your customers are looking for and how to ensure they discover it. This understanding is the foundation of our approach to helping businesses succeed.

Our Mission

“Our aim is to drive growth across the entire electronics value chain by leveraging a blend of community engagement, e-commerce, digital presence, and innovative data solutions.”

Ahmed Faizan and Andrew Delaney

Ahmed Faizan
Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Delaney
Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer


Our core values form the foundation of everything we do. They are integrated into our daily work routines and constantly remind us that our customers are our top priority and that we should always be the ones to extend our gratitude.


“With AVO Engineering, full-cycle marketing is now a reality, allowing us to directly generate leads. Our advanced analytics capabilities allow us to track website visitor behavior and perform comprehensive follow-up actions. I highly recommend AVO Engineering for its innovative marketing solutions.”

Michael Labardo

Marketing Director, Smart Wires


"AVO Engineering is not just a publisher, but a true partner. They listen to our requirements attentively and collaborate with us to develop a strategy that achieves our goals. Having partners who comprehend our business and target markets is immeasurable."

Anthony Florence

CEO, Meta Power Solutions, LLC.


"AVO Engineering comprehends and addresses the requirements of today's design engineers effectively. The quality of their resources, tools, and content positively impacts the users and the wider engineering community. They are a valuable asset to our company and our marketing endeavors. The AVO Engineering team, as well as our direct point of contact, feel like an integral part of our internal team."

Kris Michaelson

Sr. Director of Marketing, Peterson's Test Prep


"I have collaborated with AVO Engineering on various projects, including SEO, content creation, promotion, and webinars. All these programs have delivered remarkable outcomes that surpass those of other vendors in the market."

Amita Malakar

Senior Marcom Manager, Nexperia


"Following our website redesign, AVO Engineering initiated new SEO strategies that were previously unknown to us. Their efforts have been remarkably successful and they continue to exceed our expectations by proactively delivering results."

Bryan Anderson

Sr. Director, WEVOLVER


"I was extremely impressed with the content creation project that AVO Engineering recently completed for us. The team was highly professional and took the time to understand our goals and target audience. The end result was a collection of high-quality, engaging and informative pieces that accurately reflected our brand and message. The impact on our marketing efforts has been tremendous, and I would not hesitate to recommend AVO Engineering to anyone looking for top-notch content creation services."

Chris Wilson

Director of Content Strategy, NCCER USA


We have proved our competence and had many satisfied clients

Our Clients and Partners

  • OSF Digital
  • MPS
  • TEST-Prep
  • All About Circuits
  • UnionPrep
  • Peterson’s Test Prep
  • Nexperia
  • Wevolver
  • SmartWires
  • WllPCB
  • OurPCB
  • InchCalculator
  • GlobalSpec
  • Electronics360
  • Jonas Battery USA
  • Flatiron School
  • NW Engineering LLC Oregon USA